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Bluetooth stereoscopic headset is made from imported CSR/RD Bluetooth +EDR chip, which can make phone calling and enjoy stereoscopic music , Dance with sound quietness form your heart, HD quality music sounds more comfortable and makes your feel perfect.

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Fashione Group Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise dealing in mobile power banks, TWS earphones, BT headphones,  Mobile charger and other mobile accessories R&D, production and selling. With over 20,000 square meters of industrial space and over 1100 onsite staffs, we has been recognized as one of the up and coming mobile accessories  manufacturers in the industry. Found in 2014, We employ talented staff members responsible for conducting our overseas sale, With years of experience and rich technical resources.In the principle of “Survival by Quality, Development by Credit”, focus on product development and increases product innovation , to provide the best original products with competitive prices for customers. Our Team is able to provide flexible ODM / OEM solutions to world renown customers globally. All of our products are specially designed, be portable. Our power bank with high capacity and quickly filled with mobile phone, It could be used for BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, ipod , GPS and other digital communication devices, etc. Multi-functional LED flashlight will bring more energy and joy for your digital life.Our earphones are fashionable, Crystal clear sound with super bass will give you really wonderful time. As we are heading into 2020, we has already established as an impactful presence in the technology of True Wireless Stereo (TWS) headsets in the industry.

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